Our studios focus is seeing the potential within – left behind, broken down, old, unused and ready-made objects and materials. It’s about finding and figuring out what exceptional and unusual qualities these things have and making them be seen. The building process is intricate while it’s unique to every piece while we’re not restoring things but rather saving what’s usable and combining it with industrial and new materials. Within this making process lies our main concepts – conserving, connecting, contrasting, but most importantly converting value.

Baltic Design House is the embodiment of a collaborative venture uniting individuals driven by the passion to transform innovative product concepts into reality. Nestled within the vibrant Viskaļi community in Riga, Latvia, our hub is home to a diverse and talented group, each contributing a wealth of skills to various projects. 

In a collaborative venture, BDH’s technical prowess in light design met Convert’s expertise in materials and refinement. BDH’s lead technicians, Peter’s initial hexagonal design, marked by the technical build of lampshade mechanisms and electrical solutions, found a partner in Convert to elevate it further. Convert’s lead designer, Ieva, enhanced the hexagonal shape with perforation, refined the rusting process of metal, and perfected the painting of LED lamp bulbs. The result: a technically superior, luxurious masterpiece that seamlessly blended BDH’s precision with CONVERT’s craftsmanship. The collaboration dissolved distinctions, producing a product that not only surpasses individual capabilities but also sets a new standard in technical sophistication and luxury.


  • 350MM


  • 500MM


  • 680MM

We can customize placement and scale the shape to any size up to 1.2 meter (~4ft) diameter.